Saving a Great Lady

Anyone that has ever dived into a major renovation project has had serious moments of regret, pause or fear. We had them all, but this 19th century victorian was just too special to give up on. The Project quickly became a labor of love, which can be the kiss of death for any financial success, but in this case, her bones were so solid, we ended up with a Beautiful Lady and a viable BnB business Model.

Setting the Scope: Before and After Pics

Before and…

Projects of this size are daunting enough, but when you are going into it blind you either have no fear out of ignorance of all the hidden issues, or you have a rich relative somewhere that will always bail you out. We leaned toward the ignorance argument. We knew it was a big job, but also had some comfort in knowing we could dice up the project into pieces. A divide and concur mentality that helped me get my head around the three story house one room at a time.


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I’d much rather stay in such a house that has been renovated with labor of love – rather than in a hotel chain. This house has such a personality! Like the wooden floors too- looks nice and clean. You must be proud – what an achievement. Well, it’s exciting to be traveling again. My husband and I will be in town for our annual family reunion. My sister lives in this area and can’t wait to see her after almost 2 years!

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